Mitchelmore automotive building designed by Harold Vivian Marsh Brown at the river street end of wood street. The building most likely built by the Guthrie Brothers, due to its similar construction of others building the two firms collaborated on. The building was built for Mitchelmore’s department store to hold their Automotive and machinery department which was at the time a dealership for international Motors.

The facade of the building it was originally a combination of rendered masonry with cross patch brickwork. With art deco detailing is in between, the use of decorative chevrons made the building easily identifiable among the other art deco building of wood street.  It had an imposing shopfront and two large floors to ceiling bay windows that were used to display their stock, as well as large singe in stylises font.

Much of the original facade has been altered over the years but still lies underneath and more modern exterior. In the 2000s when renovations were being made to the building parts of the original Mitchelmore sign were found. Giving hope to the possible return of one of Wood Street most beautiful buildings.